I am an award-winning teacher and, as a graduate student, garnered U.Va.’s best history graduate instructor award. At UNCC, in addition to teaching the post-1865 undergraduate and graduate introductory courses, I taught “The Age of Reagan: Race, Identity, and Politics in America since 1968.” It explores, among other topics, grassroots politics, immigration, the AIDS crisis, and the carceral turn in American social policy and is grounded in urban and metropolitan cases. The course urges students to think more broadly about what counts as political history.

I am also developing a number of courses that I will teach in coming years. These include a course on work, security, and inequality in the United States since the Great Depression, which will employ a comparative urban-suburban-rural framework; a graduate course in the historiography of 20th century urban and suburban history; an undergraduate course in 20th century urban history from the urban to the suburban crises; and a course on the history of populism(s) in America since Reconstruction.

I love swapping syllabi. Contact me at bcebul AT sas.upenn.edu.

History Behind the Headlines (Spring 2019)